Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Strange Rumor of Sarah Palin's Faked Pregnancy

Sarah Palin Trig
by Nomad
I admit that when I first heard this rumor, I was deeply skeptical. But the more I looked into it, the stranger but more believable it became. Could Sarah Palin actually have faked her pregnancy? You can decide for yourself.

Incredible Rumors
Ever since the 2008 presidential campaign, there have been strange rumors flying around about Sarah Palin and the birth of her fifth child, Trig. 

The rumor, in its most basic form, is that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy. She was never pregnant at all. She is not the mother of her baby as she claims. That  the whole story is a pack of lies from end to end.  
In the beginning, I have to confess to finding the whole thing preposterous. My first reaction was to laugh and dismiss the idea pretty quickly. Wouldn't somebody from the press have picked up on this? Isn't that their job, to smell out something fishy, investigate and report what they have found?  

But it seemed like nobody wanted to talk about it but there was certainly a lot of talk about Obama's birth certificate flying around. 

 Is it Possible?
Another thing I recall running through my head, was how could she even attempt to fake a pregnancy for the full term? I mean, Sarah was not a shut-in, but was governor of Alaska and surrounded by people. The funny part was the people she worked with had no idea she was pregnant until well into her pregnancy. Still, nothing seemed all that extraordinary. She kept her pregnancy a secret. That's not my business. 

Still, when you watch her on tape- she was after all a governor- , she wears heavy jackets and scarves and, while I have never been pregnant myself, I have it on good authority, that Sarah Palin sits and crosses her legs in a way that no woman in her seven-month could possibly do. 

Photos from her previous pregnancies show a robustly heavy woman with a baby bump as big as a beach ball. With Trig, there's nothing until the last month and even then, her face never changes. Her walk never changes. To many people, the only explanation is .. a pillow. 

Allegedly, (not proved) she went for a massage when she was pregnant. NOT a wise idea. She hadn't told anybody she was pregnant and the woman giving her a massage didn't see anything whatsoever to give her any indication she was going to have a baby. 
Apart from whatever evidence there was, I asked myself, why? Why would anybody go to all that trouble? Why not just adopt? Was there some reason that faking it all was preferable to going through all the paperwork of adoption? Well, it does take time.