Top Five Most Popular Series

Some subjects are just too complicated or too important to be whittled down to a single short post. There have been several popular series at Nomadic Politics. Here is a selection of some of the most popular ones:

Mr. and Mrs. Gramm- The Dark and Disturbing Friends of Rick Perry

The four-part saga of power couple Phil and Wendy Gramm requires both a seat belt and an air bag. Their careers span both the political and business world, generally working in tandem to maximized their personal wealth.

Because of their connections to the 2012 president candidate, Rick Perry, an investigation into the careers of both Phil and Wendy Gramm was in order.

Part One- Phil Gramm- His Political Career
Part Two- Phil Gramm- His Business Career
Part Three- Wendy Gramm- Her Business Career
Part Four- Her Academic Career

The Amazing Story of Clarence Thomas' Confirmation Hearings

Another series that might be worth a second look is the story of the Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings for the Supreme Court.

Washington hearings rarely get as dramatic as this and in the end the vote to confirm this controversial justice to the high court was very close.
Thomas is among us still  and yet so many people have forgotten the stormy proceedings.

The Sudden Death of the Living Wage

One series drew a lot of attention to a topic that is generally overlooked. Politicians and the news media always tend to talk about the minimum wage but that's really only half of the story. What about a wage that a person can actually survive on? 
In this series, we investigated the rather surprising history of the Living Wage Movement, its resurgence in the 1990s and its sudden, unexpected "assassination."

Scandal in Lock Down Mode: Rick Perry and the Texas Youth Commission

Another series that was very well-received, despite its heart-breaking subject came from a case in Texas. The story was under-reported outside of the state and involved alleged sexual misconduct at juvenile detention centers.

The real story was not the scandalous claims made by the prisoners but how the matter was mishandled by authorities. If you haven't had a chance to read it, it might be worth your time.

Part One- The Lone Texas Ranger

The Rise and Fall of Businessman Rick Scott

One two-post series dealt with the astounding business career of the present governor of Florida, Rick Scott. 

While nobody expects their politicians to be "squeaky-clean" (that day and age is long gone), Rick Scott's rise and fall as the CEO of one of the largest hospital corporation is a story worth telling.

So there are the top five Nomadic Politics series. I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed researching them for you.
Thanks for all your support.