Saturday, May 5, 2012

Puppet Masters Koch Brothers and Pinocchio Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Koch Brothers Lies
Mitt Romney's nose gets longer and longer
by Nomad
Once again, the American public is witness to the folly of the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United decision. The Brothers Koch recently launched a $6.1 million attack ad against the Obama administration which quickly received a "Pants on Fire" rating from PolitiFact.

The factchecker at the Washington Post had this to say about the ad which was sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity - an astroturf organization created and heavily-funded by the Koch Brothers.
Our Factchecker deemed this ad false, relying on since-debunked claims about the stimulus. “One can certainly raise questions about how stimulus funding was used and whether it was effective,” he wrote. “But there is no excuse for these kinds of ads, which take facts out of context or simply invent them.”
Out of respect for my readers and the truth, I will only give you a link to the original ad. Falsehoods when repeated often enough bear a similarity to the facts, especially when the lies come come various sources. That itself is the very reason why the Supreme Court's decision was such a disaster and a blot on the America's judicial history.

Here's the Obama Campaign's straight-forward response to the ad.

Senator Bernie Sanders has done his part to expose the three biggest Koch brothers lies. Here is a video of his allegations.

It shouldn't surprise anybody that the candidate who is unable to tell the truth should find support with the two brothers who have already spent a fortune making up lies. Lies about climate change, lies about ALEC, lies about healthcare reform, lies about high gas prices, lies about their potential profits from the Keystone XL Pipeline boondoggle, continual lies about Obama's record, and finally lies about their corruption of the Supreme court itself.

Mitt Romney, the Republican Pinocchio and the Koch Brothers, the puppet masters? Why, it's a marriage made in heaven... or some place further South.