Thursday, August 30, 2012

Has Fox News Given the Big Kiss-Off to Sarah Palin?

  by Nomad

I've often wondered what bottom would look like when Sarah Palin hit it Since being catapulted onto the national stage, even then it was clear that Palin- an utter slave to her own ambitions- was in over her head. 

Lately Palin's career has been a series of headlong tumbles and public pratfalls. 
Even worse- for Sarah, at least- since her decision not to run, her strident voice has faded into the hallelujahs and amens of the Romney nomination at this week's convention.

Now it appears she has hit another pointy ledge in what seems to be a very deep, very dark pit.

I’m sorry Fox cancelled all my scheduled interviews tonight because I sure wanted to take the opportunity on the air to highlight Senator John McCain’s positive contributions to America, to honor him, and to reflect on what a biased media unfairly put him through four years ago tonight. Granted, our honored and esteemed war hero has gone through much more than the liberal media can ever do to him in their efforts to harm this patriot. I look forward to hearing his words to his fellow Americans tonight more than any of the other convention speeches. God bless John McCain. Thank you for everything. And happy birthday, my friend.

- Sarah Palin
A salute and gentle poke in the old man's gut. From the alley shadows, a gravelly voice says to McCain, "Remember me, Johnny. Remember your old pal, Sarah?" 

As one source tells us, Fox is downplaying the news, in effect saying, "No big deal.  We've been busy. We've got serious things to think about. Sarah? She can wait." 
Here's what an official kiss-off sounds like, courtesy of Fox News VP of Programming, Bill Shine:
“Our plans changed based on the fact that the RNC condensed the schedule of speeches from four nights to three. We look forward to having Governor Palin back as soon as we can.”
In fact the real question is why anybody ever thought her opinions were important in the first place.

Anyway Facebook and Twitter were always better platform for Palin who lately seemed to grow increasingly lax in her public appearance. (She is after all a celebrity.) Sometimes she would appear with Greta looking like she had just stepped out of her en suite hot tub. With Facebook. Sarah could speak to all her adoring fans and never have to fiddle with those annoying items of personal hygiene. If your hair's a rat's nest, who's going to know as you tweet?

Apart from the superficial issue of appearance, there was also the problem of Palin's content. In one of her last interviews on Fox News, she makes some attempt at excusing Todd Akins' remarks on rape. (Inexcusable, said Romney) Even her last standing fan, Greta Van Susteren refused to let Palin get away with the tired "Gotcha" defense in this case.

Just as Palin was about to go into a full-blown spaz mode, Susteren seemed to call her out. The new media is "piling on," Susteren pointed out to Palin, because Akins think the bodies of raped women are imbued with magical powers to kill rapist sperm. Forget the term "legitimate rape" that kind of ignorance deserves to be pointed out and publicly castigated. 

Actually, it's the kind of thing Palin herself might blurt out. 

Palin is missing in inaction from the carnival in Tampa. In fact, Palin was cordially not invited to the Republican convention. Clearly Romney and his staff have declared her "voter toxin" despite the fact that Palin was more popular at this point in the 2008 campaign than Mitt Romney is now.

If she is persona non grata, then she really has only herself to blame and on so many levels. Firstly, in spite of what they said, the Republicans never wanted a "rogue." What they wanted- always want- is strict conformity. The same message in different and glistening words. There's really very little room for dissenting opinions in the Republican party. (Heads up, Paul Ryan)
So, as soon as Palin went off-script in the last election, her days were numbered. The message was "This woman cannot be trusted." And they were quite correct. A little late, however. 

It's true that the Republican lover affair with Palin was prolonged for the sake of the mid-terms which ushered in the most unpopular Congress in history. Those Tea party politicians were successful in thwarting every attempt that Obama made to find solutions. 

It is clear there is no love lost between Palin and Romney. Paul Ryan was a tip of the hat to the Tea Party and served to further marginalize Palin.
It seems as though it is only a matter of time until Palin proceeds to the next stage of her career- but the one she was always destined for. The vengeful bitch. If she takes up that role, watch out Romney, watch out GOP and watch out Fox News. 

Of course, Palin may have trouble even finding a publisher if she decides to (ghost) write a tell-all book about those women-hating people at Fox News. Her other books were published by HarperCollins which is a subsidiary of News Corporation. Just like Fox News. 
She might consider self-publishing, a real mavericky thing to do. The drawback is that she will have to actually write the book all by herself. Try to imagine what kind of hilarity would result from that.
Still I, for one, strongly encourage her to give it a shot. If Romney is elected we will all need to find something, anything to laugh at. 

Well, rest assured, Palin will survive. I suspect, she will be reborn in a completely different form like the worm - after months of eating away at the core of the apple, becomes a moth. To the Republicans, she is at the moment only a pest.


So what's next? We may assume that, as far as Fox News is concerned, Sarah will not be coming back after the convention. Another book is doubtful.

Here's one possibility for 2014.

Chick-A-Fil better watch out. Sarah could be elbowing her way into that field too. 

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