Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charlie Manson vs. Michele Bachmann

“We’re in a state of crisis where our nation is literally ripping apart at the seams right now, and lawlessness is occurring from one ocean to the other. And we’re seeing the fulfillment of the Book of Judges here in our own time, where every man doing that which is right in his own eyes—in other words, anarchy.”  Senator Michele Bachmann, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-AM, March 6, 2004.
Manson told me ... that he personally believed in law and order. There should be "rigid control" by the authorities, he said. It didn't matter what the law was - right or wrong being relative - but it should be strictly enforced by whoever had the power. And public opinion should be suppressed, because part of the people wanted one thing, part another.
     "In other words, your solution would be a dictatorship," I remarked.
Vincent Bugliosi, from Helter Skelter © 1974 Curt Gentry and Vincent Bugliosi:
All jokes aside, speculation has been high that Bachmann might actually lose her House seat to Democratic challenger Jim Graves. The polls showed a tight race all summer but most surveys suggest that Bachmann with her hefty $15 million war chest, will be back in Congress after the election. 
As one source reports:
According to a poll released [two weeks ago] by theMinneapolis Star-Tribune, Bachmann leads Democratic challenger 51-45 percent, with four percent undecided.

A KSTP/Survey USA poll released Oct. 12 showed Bachmann ahead, 50-41 percent.

Those are fairly convincing numbers.

Jason Easley, writing for PoliticusUSA, gave this assessment for why she has been in such a struggle to hold onto her job: 
But it might be Bachmann’s national political ambitions that will be most responsible for her undoing. Nothing turns off the folks at home like the feeling that they are being used as stepping stones by their ambitious elected officials. Bachmann’s brief presidential campaign also put her right wing extremism on full display. Because of this, it will be nearly impossible for her to come back to the middle and court Independents after what took place on the national stage earlier this year.

Clearly strategists for the Republican Party, which has been the source of a great deal of her support, have decided that Bachmann is worth the risk. And that's revealing decision given her talent for making a spectacle of herself and for making outrageous statements on Fox News. 

Ultimately their decision to back this Tea Party crusader may come back to haunt them and provide the Democratic party a steady stream of outlandish quotes.