Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Presidential Con Game: Will Sarah Palin Try to Hoodwink her Supporters Again in 2016?

by Nomad

Is it really possible that, after the last bogus One Nation bus tour in 2012, that Sarah Palin is considering a presidential run? Don't bet it on.

Yesterday Huffington Post reported that Sarah Palin may not be yet finished with American politics. 
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, says she hopes to run for office again and is urging GOP leaders to have "more guts" as they pursue their agenda.
Hard to believe that the GOP leaders can be spurred to act any more outrageously. They seem to be doing fine without any taunting from Wasilla. 
She told the Fox News interviewer:
"The more they're pouring on the more I'm going to bug the crap out of them by being out there with a voice."
That could of course apply to either party. For some time, she has become as  a liability to the Republicans as a threat to the Democrats. (For the independents, she is just a very bad joke with an endless punchline.)

You might ask yourself whether this time she is serious about jumping into politics again, Is it possible? 

To that, we only need to use the magical powers of the Internet to look back to the last presidential race. 

The Christian Science Monitor before the past election in 2012 ran with an article that was headlined with: Does Sarah Palin's bus tour mean she's serious about running?

The writer of the piece certainly has no doubt about her sincerity and quotes Gallup polls and meaningless echo-chamber conservative sites. The article cites one Reagan strategist saying: “
"She is not a woman without talents, including the ability to generate media attention and excitement among some elements of the GOP base.
No suggestion whatsoever that Palin is simply making personal use of the funds her ever-patient patsy supporters for a family vacation.

However, CSM was not the only reputable news source that was hoodwinked by Palin. The Washington Post also got taken in in May 2011 and reported:
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R), who has been largely out of the public eye through much of the spring, will reemerge Sunday as she begins a national bus tour that will put her back in the spotlight and no doubt renew speculation about a possible presidential bid.
The show went from mystery to comedy in no time at all when Palin began playing childish guessing games with mainstream media. CNN reported that news media was purposefully in the dark about Palin's political action committee's bus tour:
The result is a chaotic game of cat and mouse, with the media frantically chasing the 2008 vice presidential candidate from one stop to the next.
Only a month later the whole show- her non-campaign called One Nation bus tour - fell apart. Like her term as Alaskan governor, Palin was unable to see things through when she got frustrated or bored. (There was also some speculation that it had something to do with a Palin panic about the release of some secret emails.)

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,  Palin told her exasperated media entourage to "expect the unexpected" if - IF- she ran for the White House. She also added: 
"Oh, it would definitely be unconventional and untraditional. Yes. Knowing us, yeah, it would have to be."
Unconventional, untraditional and entirely imaginary. That's how a con artist makes an proper exit. Having enjoyed a fine summer holiday with funds provided by SuperPAC, Palin returned home.

Conservative site, RealClearPolitics, only hinted at the fiasco.
Though Palin and her staff never announced a timeline for the remaining legs of her trip, aides had drafted preliminary itineraries that would have taken her through the Midwest and Southeast at some point this month. But those travel blueprints are now in limbo, RCP has learned, as Palin and her family have reverted to the friendly confines of summertime Alaska, where the skies are currently alight for over 19 hours a day and the Bristol Bay salmon fishing season is nearing its peak.
Then, remarkably Palin slammed the media- even Fox News- for actually taking her seriously. And that was the end of the nonsense.. at least for four years. 

So, in honor of a news media that seems to revel in political charlatans like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Herman Cain, Nomadic Politics has provided its readers with a peek into the far future.