Monday, December 15, 2014

Free and Downloadable: Senate Report on CIA Detention and Interrogation Program

by Nomad

As any techno-activist will tell you "information wants to be free." To honor that idea, I have made available the Senate's controversial report that has been creating some fearsome aftershocks since last Tuesday. 

One week ago, the Senate released its so-called CIA torture report. It strongly criticized the policy of "enhanced interrogations" for captured detainees and suspected terrorists. After a lengthy investigation, the summary alone came to over 500 pages. 

Of the many shocks found in the pages, the report concluded that techniques most likely approved by Cheney and President George W. Bush were "not an effective way to gain intelligence from detainees, and that the CIA misled Congress and the White House." (Cheney and to a lesser extent, George Bush, both claimed not only that the CIA had White House approval for all techniques that were used but that every one of them was perfectly legal.)

Former vice-president Dick Cheney appeared on chummy "Meet the Press" to make his case- such as it was- that torture wasn't really torture. Here is a fact-check on his defense. As most of us could have predicted, the fact-checkers' verdict runs the full gambit... from false to mostly false.

As a courtesy to my readers, I offer you a peek at the heavily redacted report. If you would like to download the document for reference, here is the link.