Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here's How Trump Dealt with Little People Who Stood In His Way

by Nomad

A 27-year-old exposé about Donald Trump sheds some light on the character of the man who is today running for president.

Back in 1989, real estate mogul, Donald Trump worked extremely hard to keep the public from seeing the expose film, Trump: What's the Deal?
He did everything in his power to suppress its release.
It's easy to see why he thought it would damage the image he had spent years crafting. 

The battle between Trump and the producers of this documentary included public insults and threats of lawsuits and involved PR firms and dozens of attorneys. The primary financier of the project was business mogul Leonard Norman Stern, so it was something of a war of Manhattan titans. For the full story of that war, click here.

The documentary may be somewhat dated in style. There's no arguing that. What's interesting is the insight it gives us into the mentality of Donald Trump, how he operates and his ambition. For people who lived in New York at that time, there's nothing particularly earth-shaking about the film or the allegations it makes. Most people there know the man's character too well. Nevertheless, the film is not a complimentary portrait, to say the least.

I selected a short excerpt from the film in an attempt to demonstrate the techniques that Trump used to get his way. In the clip, we see what happens to the average people who do not pose a threat to his empire, but simply stood in his way of making more money and collecting more prestige.

How a person uses vast power says a lot of about who he or she is. It also serves as an example what might happen when he is given even broader power. 

Unless his character has radically changed since the 1980s, (and there's no reason to think it has), then it should serve as an important to those who may be fooled into thinking that a candidate is a man of the people.

Update: The video has been removed for unspecified reasons, leaving only dozens and dozens of pro-Trump videos. Here, at least, is the trailer.