Sunday, November 13, 2016

Welcome to the New Realities of America's TrumpWorld

by Nomad

Trump Cartoon Future

Elections, as we all know, have consequences. Unfailingly, it is the one truism that voters seem to overlook. With reportedly 49% of voters opting out, this election, it is no different. 


Logically, one would question the legitimacy of any election in which nearly half of the population refuses to vote. The New York Times reported:
Some people were barred from voting by law, and others were effectively blocked by the obstacles put up by new restrictions or stalled by the memories of bad experiences the last time around. For others, child-care and work demands proved too difficult to juggle with going to a polling place. Some decided not to cast a ballot on principle.
There were plenty who just could not be bothered. They found their private ways to rationalize it. Still others argued that between Clinton and Trump, there's wasn't much difference. It was just choosing between two evils. 
 As one voter told the NYT reporter:
“I couldn’t in good conscience vote for president.”
Now we just have to sit back and wait for such people to realize their horrendous misjudgment. 

Never has America faced such a epoch-changing moment in its history. And at no time in recent history have the American voters made such a catastrophic blunder by electing Donald Trump to the highest office in government. 
Now we will have to make the best of a dismal situation. It won't be easy. 

Donald Trump's Demolition

Despite some wavering over the past few days, we can be safe in assuming that affordable health care will be bitter memory under Trump. Nobody's quite sure what will replace it or whether it will actually work.
The lives of millions of Americans are now in the tiny weeny hands of Trump, many of those people who will be deprived of the health insurance will be today's avid and angry Trump supporters. 

But there are so many other plans being hatched. Is the Department of Education safe? What about Medicaid or Social Security? 
Just looking over Trump's proposed cabinet gives us a series of panic-inducing palpitations. Raving mad-man Rudolph W. Giuliani as the next Attorney General? Former governor of Arizona Jan Brewer or bumbling Sarah Palin as the Interior Secretary? 
Or Sam Brownback- the man whose policies are responsible for bringing Kansas to its knees- as the future Agriculture Secretary? 
The Environmental Protection Agency will, it appears, be headed by a climate change denier, Myron Ebell: a man who reportedly believes that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the European Union and the rest of the world to harm America's economy. 
As if Trump would need any help in that pursuit. some economists say the plans for curtailing or outright abandoning decades' worth of global trade networks won't America great again. Instead, they warn Trump's proposals could produce "recession-triggering levels of inflation and higher prices for American shoppers." 
Financial professionals are clinging to the hope that Trump discards his protectionist ways once he enters office.
It appears that the majority of American voters wanted change and boy, are they going to get it in bushel baskets.

This isn't a top-notch team of experts that Trump is assembling. It's a demolition squad for the US government. For the full list in this house of horrors, follow this link
(Trust me you'll want to self-medicate with a Xanax and a scotch and water, before you venture there.)

In two years' time, the routinely-expressed argument the election made no difference and that it was just a choice between two evils may not seem quite as tenable as it was in the autumn of 2016.

That should be sufficient time to persuade anybody with two working brain cells that, when it came to evil, President Trump and ghastly entourage were utterly incomparable.