Friday, January 27, 2017

ACA Repeal and How Trump Voters in Kentucky Threw Themselves Under the GOP Bus

by Nomad

The general interest news site, Vox, went to Whitley County, Kentucky to ask the residents there what they thought of Obamacare.
They were not at all happy.
So it's no surprise that these people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump. Throughout the campaign, the billionaire candidate made no secret of his vow to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

What is a surprise is that these Trump voters there are exactly the demographic that benefits the most from Obama's signature healthcare plan. Logically, they ought to be shooting off fireworks for Obamacare. They have the most to lose if Trump keeps his campaign promise about the repeal.

Vox attempts to learn what gives. How and why could voters vote against their own best interests on something as serious as health insurance?
The answers might surprise you.The video's worth watching.

Only yesterday, New York Magazine reported something that is really becoming increasingly clear. The Republicans are caught in a trap of their own making when it comes to ACA.

Less than a month ago, President Trump promised a vote to repeal the law “probably some time next week” with a vote for a replacement “very quickly or simultaneously, very shortly thereafter.”
And yet, the reality is, as usual, the exact opposite than what Trump says.
At a meeting in Philadelphia yesterday, Trump and his House Republican allies produced no agreement on a plan. If there is a consensus, it is that there will be no replacement plan at all.
The choices for the Obamacare-hating Republicans are stark. Repeal ACA without a replacement which will leave millions without healthcare that they can afford or abandon one of the key pledges. Either option is very likely to have negative consequences for the GOP.
Several Senate Republicans have expressed severe reservations about repealing Obamacare without having a replacement. Now the House is admitting there isn’t going to be a replacement. So now the choice falls to Republicans to either defeat repeal, or allow the system to hurtle toward chaos.
So what's your opinion? What will be the reaction of these people when the Republicans dismantle Obamacare without any replacement?