Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sanity Sunday- Three by George Ogilvie

by Nomad

Singer/songwriter George Ogilvie was born in Canterbury England and began writing music at 18. His uploaded videos showcased his talents and helped him build a large fanbase.

Here he is singing "Dust in the Wind." (That's not, by the way, a cover for the Kansas tune of the same name.)  The lyrics to this song can be found here.

Here's an acoustic live performance of his latest song. It's called "October."

Here are a few lines from this song.
So what is becoming of the two of us
I'm turning time back just to rise above as if
we've never been
never been here before

Praying on a better ending
just something so we'll stop pretending as if
we've never been never been here before.
Finally, there's this song. It's called "Birdsong."

To all my friends (and visitors,) have a great Sunday.