Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sanity Sunday- Music from Mongolia

by Nomad

This week's musical sanity break takes us far away from the dread-inspiring world of politics. And this is about as far away from that sordid mess as you can and remain on the planet. But, seriously, you all need a break. It's been a hellish and nerve-racking week (It did, however, have a happy ending for almost everybody.)

In any event, nomads deserve nomadic music so I present to you, the music from Mongolia.

I fell in love with these rousing songs by the band.
It is easy to see why it is said that music forms such an integral part of Mongolian culture. You will find an example- a mild example of throat-singing- in the second song of this clip.

And finally, there's this Mongolian orchestral music. Looking at the images of their land, I wondered what it would be like to live in such a bleak world without trees.
I am not sure if I could adapt but then Mongolians have had a quite a long time to get accustomed to a barren landscape, I guess.

I hope that you enjoyed the music and that it brings you a bit of peace.