Monday, April 3, 2017

Sanity Sunday- Four by Tom Rosenthal

by Nomad

Thirty-year-old British singer and composer Tom Rosenthal's self-description is plain and simple.
I live in London, have 2 young daughters, and I write songs. I've released 3 albums to date, and the 4th is coming in Spring 2017. Aside from the main albums, I've released a trilogy of EP's and one underrated Christmas single.
The first three videos I have chosen, for your listening pleasure,  provide us with a little poetry, haunting music backed by expansive, lush landscapes.

It says a lot about an artist when he can make a song from the vast panorama of countryside, an invisible piano and a single line ("A thousand years, I've got time I've come a long way, A thousand years, I've lost time, I've come a long way").

I won't profess to know what this next song actually means but I liked it. Music critics spend a lot of time and make a lot of money dreaming up imaginary scenarios that tell us what the artist was trying to convey. (Bob Dylan's songs, for instance, were dissected tirelessly for decades.)

I can only say that I was moved by the song called "Sex, Death and Landscapes. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I will wrap up this set with a Rosenthal's plea to the First Lady with a list of options if she ever decides to do more than tag along behind the Orange bison.

Have a great Sunday.