Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sanity Sunday - Six in Ska

by Nomad

Last week, somebody commented that reggae music made them smile.With the news of the nation essentially on autopilot and Florida being ravaged by Hurricane Irma, bringing smiles is something of a challenge.
So, I thought I would devote this post to Reggae's precursor, Ska. The selection of these six is random; a few of them are originals and a few cover versions of earlier popular songs but with a Jamaican spin.

Rudy, A Message to You - Dandy Livingstone

Rainy Night in Georgia - John Holt

Perfidia - Phyllis Dillon

Things You Say You Love - The Jamaicans 

You'll Lose a Good Thing - Audrey Hall

And now to bring it on back to where we started, here's a tune both topical and tropical.

Storm Warning - Lyn Taitt and the Boys

Have a great Sunday, my friends.