Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sanity Sunday - The Music of Ian Randall Thornton

by Nomad

Ian Randall Thornton, a touring indie folk artist from Norfolk, Virginia, produces comfort music, precisely what is required for a Sanity Sunday musical break.

A review at Billboard magazine had this to say of Thornton:
"...beautiful vocal and instrumental layering, solemn and thoughtful lyrics, and a rousing chorus. The song’s stoic themes are also given a heavier weight with the impressive, breathy power of Thornton’s voice."
Hard to disagree with that.

The song "Who We Are" is the first track from his 2017 debut album, Lineage. Thornton ponders upon the subject of family trees and the things we inherit and pass along.

Who are we but where we came from?
Who can fully claim their kingdom?

From the same album, there's this song: "Do You Rise?"

When I wake up
I begin my search for you
Although I found you years ago
When I wasn’t searching high,
Nor was I searching low

The next song, 'See You Through' is a message to his daughter, a bit of sound fatherly advice. In addition to some inspirational lyrics and rousing music, this video is a delight to watch.
It reminds me of the childhood joy of being unapologetically half-civilized.

Thornton also has an unofficial digital album called "Wild Was The Winter." While recording his debut, Thornton was also working expanding his style "purposefully abandoned his typical songwriting style to embrace a more unfiltered abstract form of lyricism." The results are impressive.

So that's about all I have for you. Have a great Sunday and give your despair glands a rest if you are able. Life's too short.