Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sanity Sunday - The Pretenders

by Nomad

Before the music, a few notes on the band and its members.

English-American rock band, The Pretenders, was formed in England in March 1978. The band initially consisted of Chrissie Hynde (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), James Honeyman-Scott (lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), Pete Farndon (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Martin Chambers (drums, backing vocals, percussion).

Very early in the band's career, the group suffered a devastating setback. First, on 16 June 1982, James Honeyman-Scott died of a heart attack induced by cocaine. Then, less than a year later, Farndon was also found dead. He had drowned in his bathtub after passing out on heroin. That left the band with only two members.
It was left to Hynde to pick up the pieces. Replacements were soon found and the band went on to record a third album, Learning to Crawl, in 1984. That album featured some of the band's best songs.

Over the years, the band shifted performers with Hynde as the only consistent member. Hynde launched a solo career in 2014 but The Pretenders is still alive. The group issued an album and toured in 2016.

Chrissie Hynde has always been a tough as nails survivor and yet, her lyrics suggest- at least, to me- a sensitive and empathetic person. You can judge for yourself.

First off, one of the band's classics from about 1982.

Back on the Chain Gang

I'll Stand by You

Show Me 

A beautiful song dedicated to her then-infant daughter, Natalie Rae Hynde.

Welcome to the human race
With its wars, disease and brutality
You with your innocence and grace
Restore some pride and dignity
To a world in decline

Welcome to a special place
In a heart of stone
that's cold and grey
You with your angel face
Keep the despair at bay
Send it away...

Welcome here from outer space
The milky way still in your eyes
You found yourself a hopeless case
One seeking perfection on earth
That's some kind of rebirth..

Finally, Kid (the slow version)

Have a great Sunday, folks. Relax and recharge.