Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sanity Sunday- Music by The Secret Trio

by Nomad

For this Sanity Sunday, I want to introduce you to three artists, each of them can be considered esteemed artists in their own right.

The group is called "The Secret Trio." It is made up of a Turk Tamer Pinarbasi, (zither) an Armenian  Ara Dinkjian(oud)  and a Macedonian  Ismail Lumanovski(clarinet).
From their site:
In 2010, these three busy New York-based musicians, came together to create a new type of chamber music, combining the elements of sound, texture, and rhythm with new and interesting approaches to their instruments. 
The fusion of cultures and influences create a very sweet sound. To me, it is an Aegean sound.

Here they are playing "My Dark Place"- a lovely, soulful piece.

The next song by this group entitled "┼×inanay" by the singer and songwriter Sezen Aksu. The word "┼×inanay" is an exclamation word expressing pleasure, like "bravo."I believe it is being performed on the tiled roof of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. (I could be wrong.)

Final selection is a song called "Invisible Lover."

"Without You"

Okay, that's my weekly diversion from all of the horrific goings-on. Hope you enjoyed it. 
Have a great Sunday.