Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sanity Sunday - A Selection of Dream Pop Songs

by Nomad  

I've long ago given up trying to follow musical genres and sub-genres. It just seemed impossible but it does help you find the type of music you like.
After listening to some music I enjoyed this week, I learned that alternative rock and neo-psychedelia (another unknown genre) hooked up sometime in the 80s and had a love child called Dream Pop.
As a subgenre, Dream Pop is all about atmosphere and often features "breathy vocals and processed, echo-laden guitars and synthesizers." The lyrics tend to be short poems.
I think you will find this style soothing on the nerves.

The group Vansire consists of Samuel Winemiller and Josh Augustin. Here's how they describe their collaborative effort. 

"We're just two dudes recording in a bedroom in Minnesota so this is so cool to see people digging our stuff."

Halcyon Age 

Eleven Weeks  

I really can't give you too much info on the band/project, Sea Berth. With a bit of online detective work, I was able to find the name, Nazar Tkachuk, singer and songwriter from Ukraine. In any event, this song begins with lyrics that could be our mantra,
"Looks like the darkest days, I'm not sure."

I'm Not Sure  

According to my source, Doorbells is the dreamy solo project of Brooklyn based musician, Nic Berlin. This song, Distance, has been described as "a melancholic mess of cleverly interlocked, reverb-laden melodies and riffs."
Hope you like it.


If you'd like to hear more from Doorbells, here's the downloadable digital album.

Here's wishing all of you a marvelous Sunday.