Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sanity Sunday Musical Break- Chill Mix

by Nomad

Time to kick back and mull over the events of the past week and to try and speculate what's to come. Watching the president helpless thrash and flail as the ship of state slowly begins to right itself is, in a strange way, entertaining and reassuring.

This week's Sanity Sunday Musical break is a pretty random mix of relaxing "chill" tunes. Hope you enjoy the selection.

You say you need a double dose of calm? Well, here are a couple of digital albums, courtesy of Bandcamp.

Before his death in 2012, guitarist John Hulburt's acoustic mellow style fell on deaf ears. He was recently re-discovered when his solo album from the 1970s, Opus III, was re-issued.

This next album, Songs of Delay, features the evocative music of Joe Sampson from Denver.

 Meanwhile, over in the Game Room, you will find a newly uploaded jigsaw puzzle based on a lovely Dutch winter scene.

Have a great Sunday, peeps.