Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Perfect Winter Storm: Texas, Arctic Cold and Power Outages

by Nomad

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The huge winter storm that swept across the southern US has killed at least 21 in Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and Missouri
The news out of the Lone Star State has gone from bad to worse. Record-breaking winter temperatures have strained the energy grid leading to widespread outages across the state. 

CBS News gives this report:  

For all our Texas Nomads, we hope you are staying warm and healthy.. and powered.

You Decide

In related news, Senator Ted Cruz has yet to comment on social media reports that the Senator from Texas has been seen boarding a flight to Cancun, Mexico. According to one local news affiliate:
Some Twitter sleuths claimed they matched a mask, glasses, a ring, tennis shoes and headphones to past social media posts. One photo appears to show Cruz’s wife - who has appeared on national television - at his side.
One sleuth cited clues from a photo that puts Cruz inside the Houston International Airport near the terminal for a United flight to Cancun at 4:10 p.m.
I am unconvinced, to be honest. Perhaps it is just a guy with an unfortunate resemblance to a scoundrel. What do you think? Here's the evidence. 

Stay tuned. I am pretty sure the facts will come out soon.