Thursday, August 19, 2021

"The Disappearance of the Woman"

by Nomad

(Photo by Boushra Almutakawel)

This work is titled "Mother, Daughter, and Doll" and it's one work in her Hijab Series.

Almutakawel said in an interview:
'I’m not against veiling – I feel comfortable wearing the hijab in Yemen – but I object to excessive veiling and its idea of the ownership of women...It doesn’t really have anything to do with Islam. The solution, instead of covering up women, is to work on the men.'

Not sure if I agree, to be honest. Holding men accountable to end the oppression of women around the world seems a little naive. As one Reddit commenter points out:

Putting the onus of change on the perpetrator who has absolutely nothing to lose makes advancement extremely slow-going.