Tuesday, March 22, 2022

“Prayer for Ukraine”

by Nomad

“Prayer for Ukraine” (“Молитва за Україну”, “Molitva za Ukrainu”) is a patriotic hymn composed and published in 1885, during a time when the Ukrainian language was suppressed by the government of Imperial Russia. The text was penned by poet and interpreter Oleksandr Konynsky and the music was provided by composer Mykola Lysenko.

The work grew popular as a hymn used in the services of the various churches in Ukraine, including the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. 

By the time of the Russian Revolution and the ensuing War of Ukrainian Independence, the “Prayer for Ukraine” dramatically rose in popularity as an anthem used on official occasions by the various successive governments.

Prayer of Ukraine performed by the Kyiv Symphony Chorus, Matthew McMurrin conductor. This was a 2012 concert at Northland Church in Longwood, FL.