Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sanity Sunday Musical Break- Cellist Patrick Dexter

by Nomad

Irish Cellist Patrick Dexter provides us with some music for a relaxing Sunday. In the videos, he plays from his cottage in the West Irish hills with his dog nearby.

According to his website:
In 2020, as countries around the world began to lock down, Patrick began playing music from his cottage and sharing it online. Since then his performances have been viewed millions of times and his music became a needed comfort for countless numbers of people all over the world.
The Dublin-born musician's fame has since spread far and wide.
Patrick has performed on CNN, BBC, ITV, Sky News, Global News Canada, RTÉ, Virgin Media, TG4. In April 2022 his debut album Solace reached No. 15 in the Billboard US and Canada album charts for classical-crossover albums making Patrick the highest-selling independent artist in the genre and asserting his place as one of the world’s top cello players.
Here are seven songs- some familiar and some traditional Irish ballads that you may not have heard. I hope you enjoy them and that the music soothes your nerves. 
Have a wonderful Sunday.