Sunday, November 5, 2023

Donald Trump Expected to Testify Under Oath in NY Fraud Case

by Nomad

Co-defendants in the New York civil fraud case Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump testified in court last week. By all accounts, the testimonies proved to be an existential disaster for the Trump empire.

Their defense- such as it was- was that the accountants were the true villains and that the Trump executives had no role in mispresenting the actual value of the corporate properties. 
Donald Trump Jr. claimed under oath that he didn’t draft the financial statements, and when he certified them as a trustee, he relied on the Trump Organization accounting and legal teams that he said assured him they were accurate to sign. 
Poor naive child.

Eric similarly testified that he relied on outside accountants and lawyers to check financial documents. In other words, he was the real victim of fraud.

One small problem with that defense soon became apparent. The documentation clearly rebuts the "we were shocked- shocked- to find fraud going on" legal defense. 

As The Guardian reported on Friday:
Prosecutors presented evidence that showed Eric Trump had signed off on documents that estimated the value of trophy properties such as the Trump Seven Springs estate north of New York City and the Trump National Doral golf club in Florida.
Eric was then forced to backtrack on earlier statements after email and phone records showed him discussing these records. In response, estranged black sheep Mary Trump said it "sounds like perjury is on today's menu."

Here's how MSNBC reported the story on Friday evening:

If anything, next week will be even more explosive. Especially if former President and pathological liar Donald Trump takes the stand. Since Judge Arthur Engoron has already found that Mr. Trump and his two sons engaged in "persistent fraud" Trump's testimony can only make matters worse for the defense.

On the steps of the courthouse on Friday, Eric Trump said that father remains defiant against the "political witch hunt."
"I know he’s very fired up to be here and he thinks this is one of the most incredible injustices he’s ever seen, and it truly is."
The only remaining question in this fraud case is whether New York Attorney General, Letitia James, will open a criminal case against the Trumps and whether perjury charges will be filed against the family.

Here's MSNBC 's take on what we can expect when Trump testifies.