Monday, January 5, 2015

Jeb Bush, the Family Brand and a Bad Case of Political Amnesia

by Nomad

In what many have seen as clear evidence that John Ellis "Jeb" Bush actually plans to throw his hat in the ring for the  2016 presidential race, last week, the former governor of Florida resigned from all of his corporate and non-profit board member positions. That's as subtle a signal as a cannon blast. 

Back in 2008, as his older brother was slinking out of Oval office, many a journalist was commenting how George Bush had dashed ahead of his brother Jeb and effectively blew up the bridge. Rebuilding that bridge was utterly unthinkable given the mess. It was implied that Americans would never ever forget the chaos that eight years of Bush.
 (As we have reported in the past, Jeb's problem has a few major problems that have nothing to do with his brother's incompetence.)

Jeb apparently thinks a majority of Americans actually miss the Bush brand. Or more realistically cannot recall what life was like way way back before Obama took office.
It will certainly be a test of modern day political marketing to see if the battered Bush brands can ever make a reappearance after the fiasco of brother George W. It defies the imagination to think that the American public would actually be so foolish as to risk another Bush in the White House.
On the other hand, look at the mid-terms. As the results came in, every liberal turned to his fellow leftie and said "Ah hell, I thought you voted!"

Of course, despite being a little soft on his conservative credentials, John Ellis "Jeb" Bush can expect to have a lot of help from the mainstream media.

The other day I watched in nauseated silence as an anchor on CNN regaled Jeb Bush as being totally different than the other Bushes. Why, he even used the word "awesome" in his official emails as governor!

I came up with the illustration above to remind the ever-forgetful American voters of what happens when you listen to the Bush family. President George W. Bush put it better than I could in the clip below.