Sunday, January 11, 2015

Benghazi 2.0 and The Republican Party in Action!

by Nomad

Nothing means success to the Congressional Republicans like last year's failure. They've just declared the wild goose chase known as Benghazi will re-commence and taxpayers can expect more time and money to be wasted.

Despite a definitive report which found absolutely no validity to any of the wild allegations made by Republicans, the GOP in House has decided to reconvene the Select Committee on Benghazi later this year. 
Using their majority, the Republican procedurally dismissed Democrat's rejections, by preventing any debate on the continuation of the special panel. Furthermore the panel was given an open budget and no limits for its work. 

As Yahoo points out, this one panel alone (there were at one time five ongoing committee investigations on this one event) cost "upwards of $1 million to operate last Congress, when the House voted to establish it."

The Department of Defense was forced to commit thousands of man-hours to respond to the numerous and often repetitive congressional requests regarding Benghazi, as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs Elizabeth King pointed out in a letter to Congress last March. That estimate includes, she said, “time devoted to approximately 50 congressional hearings, briefings, and interviews which the Department has led or participated in.” 

How many millions have already been squandered in this right wing obsession is unclear but Republican congressional leaders seem to think it is not nearly enough. 
The fiscally-conservative GOP will now flush millions more down the Big Government toilet in the name of partisan politics. 
From re-launching a new Benghazi investigation, to Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee or John McCain deciding to give the American voters yet another chance to vote for them (or not) in 2016, from the numerous attempts to stop Obamacare, to the conservative policy on Cuba, Republicans have demonstrated that one failure is never enough to prevent them from trying exactly the same thing again and again.

I guess it shouldn't surprise anybody. By now most American voters have understood one obvious fact:  In terms of sensible policy, the Republicans have nothing new to offer the American people.