Sunday, September 27, 2015

Echo from the Suffrage: Twelve Reasons Why Women Should Vote

by Nomad

Here's an public ad for universal suffrage from the 1920s.

This list makes so much sense and yet, even today so many women voters stay at home.

  1. Because those who obey the laws should help to choose those who make the laws.
  2. Because laws affect women as much as men.
  3. Because laws which affect women are now passed without consulting them. 
  4. Because  laws affecting Children should include the woman's point of view as well as the man's.
  5. Because laws affecting the home are voted on in every session of the legislature.
  6. Because women have experience which would be helpful to legislation.
  7. Because to deprive women of the vote is to lower their position in the common estimation. 
  8. Because having the vote would increase the sense of responsibility among women toward questions of public importance.
  9. Because public spirited mothers make public spirited sons.
  10. Because about 8,000,000 women in the United States are wage workers, and the conditions under which they work are controlled by the law. 
  11. Because the objections against their having the vote are based on prejudice, not on reason.
  12. Because to sum up all reasons in one-- it is for the common good of all.