Thursday, November 23, 2017

Good News Round-Up - Thanksgiving 2017

by Nomad

What do you think? Is it time for a little good news?
It's been another demoralizing week in politics. There have been some fairly disgusting accusations flying around left and right. President Trump, his family, and all his cronies still haven't been called to account and it had to be patient and it is harder to be hopeful.

However, that is not the complete story. There's good news out there if you look for it.
With that in mind, I have scoured the net in search of optimism and glad tidings and here are four items that I've managed to uncover.

George Kaiser, the Philanthropic Oil Man

The Christian Science Monitor has highlighted the philanthropic efforts of Oklahoma oil tycoon, George Kaiser. Despite being the state's richest man, Kaiser (whose net worth is at
least $11.5 billion) doesn't go in for ostentation like any other billionaire. He is a simple man, reportedly does not own any vacation homes, airplanes or yachts; and travels on commercial flights.

The founder of the George Kaiser Family Foundation gives primarily to educational, social, religious, health and human services, and community development-related causes. In 2013, the foundation had assets exceeding $3.4 billion and donated more than $118 million. 
The Monitor points out:
The deep-pocketed philanthropist is involved in preschools and elementary schools, industrial parks and recreational parks, artists’ lofts and folk-singer museums, parenting classes and prisoner rehabilitation programs. He has, in fact, turned Tulsa into perhaps the country’s most ambitious test bed for the power of philanthropy to tackle poverty at its roots.

An Alternate US Leadership in Climate Change Talks

When the world gathered together in Bonn, Germany recently for the United Nations’ annual climate talks, the US delegated was embarrassingly small and kept out of sight. It's understandable given the fact the president has turned his back on the Paris Agreement. It would appear that American leadership in tackling the complex challenge of climate change is nowhere to be found.
That ain't necessarily so.

America was also represented at latest climate change talks by what some are calling the “shadow delegation.” which included California Governor Jerry Brown, close to a dozen California state legislators, state legislators from Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, and from other parts of the nation.

And that shadow delegation wasn't alone. The shadow delegates were joined by a group of self-described “everyday Americans” including people from frontline communities, indigenous communities, communities of color, youth, advocates, and policymakers. They are known as U.S. People’s Delegation.
Read all about here.

Solar Gardens for Colorado's Poor

You might not have heard about the concept of "solar gardens." These are like community gardens except instead growing fruits and vegetables, these installations provide energy to residents via solar panels.
This neighborhood reduces the energy costs to all participants. Now, according to one source, Colorado is taking the next logical step.
Colorado has paved the way for ‘solar gardens’ specifically for low-income communities—which will save 8,000 customers each around $500 on their annual electric bill by 2021. The gardens, installations that provide energy to multiple households, offer a clean energy option to people who cannot or prefer not to install solar panels on their property. Colorado was the first state in the US to adopt community solar and its experience was instrumental in the creation of the Low-Income Solar Policy Guide, a nationwide toolkit.

The Party is Wherever You Are

And finally, there's this. I can't imagine there is a person alive who has not encountered a flight delay at least once. Let's face it, even without a delay, airports are thought of as the boring place between your home and your destination.

When Newfoundland-bound passengers at Pearson International Airport in Ontario were faced with a 30-minute delay, musicians Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill took up their guitar and accordion. In no time, they turned the wait into an opportunity to party and dance.

And that's about all I have for you. Have a great day to you and your family on this day of Thanksgiving.