Saturday, November 11, 2017

"Stay Tuned with Preet": One Podcast You Really Ought to be Listening to

 by Nomad

As the editor of this blog and host to a very interesting and well-informed community, I am always eager to hear your tips for high-quality sources. I am sure you've noticed that, with so much happening in Washington and all around the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with it all.

Earlier this week, BlueberryNC mentioned a particular podcast that she thought would add to the discussion. Thanks so much for that. I have also added another episode from the same podcast.
  Stay Tuned with Preet
Before President Trump fired Attorney Preet Bharara in March, this New York prosecutor for the Southern District of New York had already made a name for fighting corruption, financial fraud, and violent crime. The New York Times called Bharara ""the nation's most aggressive and outspoken prosecutors of public corruption and Wall Street crime."

On top of that, Bharara has a very nice speaking voice as his radio show/podcast clearly shows. Legal analysis by Mr. Bharara would always be top-notch and high quality.

In this Nov 2 episode of Stay Tuned with Preet, Bharara explores the Mueller indictments and what they mean. His guest is Anne Milgram, attorney, politician, legal thinker, and academic. Of Mueller, Milgram says,
He is one of the few prosecutors in America- and a  former federal agent as head of the FBI- who really is beyond reproach. He's a straight shooter.... I found him to be completely above-board, completely straight, probably the least political prosecutor. Straight as an arrow."
Just what the doctor ordered in this highly-charged debacle. Will that be enough? God only knows but Mueller gives us a fighting chance.
In this hour-long show, Bharara and Milgram address the challenges that Mueller and his investigators face and what the indictments mean. 

In the Nov 9 episode of the podcast, Bharara speaks with Republican Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake. As soon as Flake announced that he would not be seeking re-election, he made it clear that he would not hesitate to denounce President Donald Trump and his policies. 
Point to keep in mind, Flake is not a moderate RHINO. This is a man to whom the American Conservative Union gave only a few years ago a lifetime score of 93%.

Flake hasn't changed, as many of his dismayed colleagues might tell you. It's the Republican Party that has lost its way and, now that he isn't muzzled by campaign donor consideration, Flake isn't afraid to say how he really feels. 

For example, Flake recently said that the president's recent behavior was more like "a tin-horn dictator." He predicted that sooner or later voters will realize that resentment and anger is not a governing philosophy and that
“just inventing nicknames for your opponents is not a governing philosophy. It’s a game.”
The traditional platform of the Republican party, says Flake, has been overtaken by populism.The country is being pulled in a different direction. Populism, he points out, just won't last long. That's why it's an important time for people to speak out.
"It's really important (for some of us at least) to stand up now and say what we are experiencing is not right and it is not normal. 
Even if it is one voice of dissent in a party that steadfastly ignores the Trump insanity,  it is still reassuring that not every Republican has lost their mind. 

If you know of any other good sources that you think ought to be shared, don't be afraid to let me know either through the contact form or the comment section. It's always appreciated.