Monday, January 29, 2018

Sanity Sunday- The Folk Music of Jim Ghedi

by Nomad

Six and twelve string guitarist Jim Ghedi lives in Moss Valley, just south of Sheffield, England. The 27-year-old Ghedi clearly feels a connection between his music and the land.
"I discovered a sense of place from exploring the natural environments and rich wildlife around the area. It was through gentle movement and close observation which brought an understanding, a connection, a stillness and a rooted sense of belonging.”

First up, Ghedi plays Olive Willows Song with fellow musicians, Jamie Burney (fiddle) & Ben Eckersley (cello). This was performed live at the great Bishops House Museum in Sheffield.

Next, Ghedi performs with Ross Fleming on accordion at The Old Mill Gallery in the Scottish port village of Palnackie.

This next selection is a simple but haunting piece about a wanderer who longs for his Irish home.
And now a lonely exile far from my native home
A poor forlorn exile over this wide world I must roam
But I'll ne'er forget ol' Ireland on that morning dark & gray
When I bade farewell to Mary on the banks of Mulroy Bay
When I bade farewell to Mary on the banks of Mulroy Bay

He has released two albums of traditional folk songs and what he calls "landscape music."
Both are available for listening and downloading. purchase. Here's the first from 2015 entitled Home Is Where I Exist, Now To Live and Die.

Just this week, (on 26 January, to be precise) Ghedi released A Hymn For Ancient Land, his second album,

And so. it seems we have endured another week of political outrage and humiliation. Despite that, we have survived. I hope that this music offers a bit of respite and comfort to fortify you for another seven days.