Friday, September 14, 2018

Our Obligation to Call Out Unjust Things

by Nomad

From Harper's Magazine


From behaviors described in media reports since 2014 that prompted police officers to question, detain, or arrest black people in the United States. 

Sitting in a parked car

• Sitting in a chair in a public skyway while waiting to pick up children from school

• Napping on a sofa in the common room of a dormitory

• Not waving at a white neighbor while staying at an Airbnb

• Not giving up a table to a white diner

• Not purchasing coffee in a Starbucks

• Purchasing breakfast in a Burger King

• Barbecuing on a charcoal grill in a public park

• Listening to Notorious B.I.G. at home in the afternoon

• Using a curse word at a Waffle House

• Attempting to use a guest pass at an LA Fitness

• Attempting to use a membership pass at an LA Fitness

• Golfing at a leisurely pace

• Voluntarily picking up litter on the side of the road

• Campaigning for a seat on a school board

• Canvassing for a candidate for the House of Representatives

• Taking a photograph of a house

• Purchasing Mentos at a gas station

• Asking an employee for sliced cheese at a CVS

• Asking a police officer about the arrest of a black person in the parking lot of a CVS.