Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Good News Round Up for September 2018

by Nomad

What with all of the rigmarole, brouhaha, and hubbub in the last few months, my monthly feature offering good news somehow completely slipped my mind. An appalling oversight on my part, to be sure.

Helen Keller once said:
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
In this spirit, I offer this good news post for the month of September to counter-balance the perfectly hissable sleaze who resides in the White House.  

Food for Homeless a Form of Free Speech
A judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, Adalberto Jordan ruled last week that sharing food with the homeless could be considered a form of constitutionally-protected free speech. Jordan's ruling flies in the face of numerous local ordinances criminalizing food-based outreach throughout the country. 

The lawsuit was filed in 2015 by a group called Food Not Bombs and was in response to Fort Lauderdale’s 2014 ordinance which bans sharing food in public parks unless the would-be food-sharers obtain a “conditional use permit” from the city.


Rapper Donates More Than 6,000 Backpacks to Low-Income Kids
Meek Mills, a rapper from Philadelphia, has announced plans to donate 6,000 backpacks and school supplies to hometown students, from kindergarten to 12th grade.  In a press release, Mills explains his motivation:
“Growing up in Philly, I’ve watched families struggle to make ends meet and buy basic school supplies for their kid. Those memories stay with me and that’s why I’m committed to giving back to families in my hometown, putting smiles on kids’ faces and helping them start the school year on the right note with the right supplies.”

Kansas City Doctors Team Up to Reduce Medical Bills
Doctors in the Kansas City metro area came together with a charity called RIP Medical Debt to help hundreds of people to help pay off their medical debt. In total, they were able to reduce the debt by some $1.4 million dollars.According to the source:
While RIP Medical Debt helps the general public, they primarily address the needs of members of the military, veterans, and low-income patients.


Hit the Road, Björn
In the world of innovation, Sweden has developed the world's first electrified road. The piece of road- still in the experimental stage- recharges electric automobiles and truck as they travel along. According to the source:
The public road near Stockholm now has about 2km (1.2 miles) of electric rail embedded within it, transferring energy via a movable arm that attaches to the bottom of vehicles. Sweden’s roads agency plans to expand the scheme nationally.


A For-Profit Recycling Project for LA's Homeless
Due to housing shortages and sky-high rental costs, Los Angeles has the highest homeless population in the nation. A new project in Los Angeles is turning shipping containers into habitats for the city's homeless community. The three-story structure consists of eight recycled shipping containers from China, and when finished, it will permanently house 32 homeless people.
The twist in this homeless housing initiative is that no taxpayer money is being used. Fifty-six private investors have jumped onboard this for-profit business model. By helping to build this facility, they expect to get a 5% annual return on their investment.

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Admittedly, it is a small sample of the good news that hides in the shadow of some pretty shady goings-on. Perhaps you can do better? Do you have a good news item to share with the community?