Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mother Arrested for Coming to Aid of Special-Needs Son at School

by Nomad

Sometimes you heard stories that defy belief and here's one dandy example.

Missouri resident Niakea Williams was called by Walnut Groves Elementary School to let her know that her son, Micheal, was having a medical emergency. Her son suffers from Asperger''s Syndrome and suffers from periodic panic attacks. 

Arriving at the school, Williams was buzzed in- since school staff recognized her- and immediately went to her son's aid. Williams then proceeded to help her child, calming him down from his episode. 
You might think this alone is every parent's nightmare but then things took a rather surreal turn. One source explains:
The principal entered the classroom and informed Williams that she had violated the school policy by not signing the guestbook. Indeed, Williams was in a rush to help her child and did not sign the guestbook, so she told the principal that she was willing to sign the guestbook. But that didn’t satisfy the principal.
Unbelievably, Julia White, the principal for Walnut Grove Elementary decided to call the police and put the school in lockdown for 12 minutes. A strange decision since the situation was under control and there was no threat to any of the pupils, teachers or staff.
When the police arrived, Williams was told that, since she had not been authorized to enter the building, she was therefore trespassing and would be arrested. This, despite the fact that the school had themselves allowed her entry. 

Williams then was handcuffed and taken to Calverton Park Police station. Williams later told reporters:
“Four officers told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was under arrest. I feel like today I got arrested for being a concerned parent of my child.”
If that weren't humiliating and outrageous enough, the school has also sent home a letter to all the parents explaining what happened. Here's a local news report on the events:

If the basics of this story are correct, then the school principal owes this woman a public apology and an explanation to the community. What parent wouldn't have done the same thing?
Safety and common sense must go hand-in-hand.