Friday, March 7, 2014

WTF: Spiderman Unleashes Butterfly Attack on Bulgarian Parliament

by Nomad

A odd bit of news from Bulgaria.

Now if this news story doesn't convince you that the world of politics is a strange place, nothing will.
A man wearing a Spiderman mask released five boxes of butterflies in a corridor of Bulgaria’s Parliament on March 6 2014. Reporters in Parliament said that the man refused to answer questions about his actions as he tried to leave the building. He was held by security guards.
According to Bulgarian media, it was probably more related to a promotional stunt related to a television show rather than a political statement
The man apparently gained access with the proper permission from Socialist Party MP Petar Kurumbashev. The Parliament member denied knowing anything about the butterfly stunt.
Snezhana Dukova, an MP for centre-right opposition GERB, expressed outrage at the incident, saying that Parliament was not a terrarium.
Krassimir Velchev, also of GERB, said that “I also love animals, they are very beautiful, but every animal should know its place. I love lions and pumas too, but does this mean that someone should bring them to Parliament?”
And most Americans think the law of the jungle only applied to the US Congress. If the same thing happened in Washington, it would be up to Rep. Darrell Issa to launch another expensive but pointless investigation to find out how much did Obama know about the butterfly scandal and when did he know it.