Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Watch LIVE: Day 6 of the Public Hearings of the January 6th House Select Committee

by Nomad

January 6 2021 riots

In an expected change to the schedule, the January 6 Select Committee will hold a last-minute public hearing Tuesday to present new evidence and hear witness testimony. Before Monday, the panel had scheduled the next hearing for mid-July. Interestingly, unlike previous hearings, the witnesses who were to be testifying were not been announced.

The latest news is that the secret witness will be none other than Cassidy Hutchinson, a senior aide to onetime White House chief of staff Mark Meadows

Hutchinson has already provided a wealth of information to the committee, sitting with its investigators over the course of three separate interviews.
It was a taped deposition with Hutchinson that the committee used to detail which Republican lawmakers had sought pardons from Trump. It was her testimony that indicated that Meadows had been warned about the potential for violence on Jan. 6. And Hutchinson also told investigators White House lawyers had advised against the Trump campaign alternate elector scheme.
Meadows, who has refused to cooperate with the committee, has become a key figure to the events of that day. Hutchinson's testimony will provide insight on what was actually going on in the Oval Office, and what was or was not done. It should be interesting and enlightening. 

You can watch the proceedings live here at Nomadic Politics starting at 1 pm. EST.